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In Borey San Ho, Poipet City, Banteay Meanchey Province

Message from Director

Hello everyone,My name is Khun Choeurn and I am one of the founders as well as the school director of Elegant International School (EIS).  It is my greatest honour to introduce and welcome you to Elegant International School. The founders of EIS, Mr. Suong Sokheang, Mr. Chhim Kunthea, Mr. Uy Sokly and myself had established the school, which opened its doors in August of 2016. Our primordial mission and foremost objective is to enrich and develop human resources along with supporting the perpetual development and advancement of our beloved nation of Cambodia. Here at EIS we constantly strive to be dedicated and hold a firm and strong belief in excellence when providing education. We are constantly aspired and committed to delivering top-notch teaching and instilling knowledge by providing a first class learning experience. We are very honored and acclaimed to work in an enduring cooperation with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia as well as in conjunction collaborating with several and myriad highly respected and internationally recognized schools and universities across the western globe; particularly from the UK, Canada, Australia, The US and Singapore, in order to tenaciously enhance and strengthen the education of current and future’s generations of Cambodian students. In response to the constant and ever evolving needs and requirements of students, guardians/parents, society and our nation, we endeavour to offer the three main programmes: (1) An international Programme. (2) A Khmer General Education Programme. (3) A Full-Time and Part-Time General English and Chinese Programme. Our students at EIS will acquire a high level of English and Chinese (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), Khmer general knowledge, in-depth critical thinking and reasoning, leadership qualities in terms of management as well as being equipped with the current and state of the art technological skills.  Moreover, the school unceasingly promotes both morality and a persistent educational character, by offering social studies that were congregated and aspired by the world’s much renowned and acclaimed 7 habits of highly effective people programme. The highly effective and concurrent curriculum enables students to exceed their potential and propel their future dreams and aspirations positively and vigorously by exploring their Khmer identity within an international framework.  Furthermore, the core curriculum will inculcate and nurture the love of our country, to obey its national laws and customs, to adhere to the school’s code of conduct, guidelines and regulations, to encourage solidarity and to form a strong bond between students, educators, staff members as well as the management team.  Additionally, the students will learn not to discriminate against different class status and social rank, and to build an upright and righteous relationship between all the school’s parties, including the family members and the society as a whole.This tremendous mission will be achieved throughout the EIS constant focus on the three edges of quality education in an active constant cooperation with all respected guardians.  Our students, the prime future pillars of national economic developments, will become the best national and global leaders who will be knowledgeable, highly qualified, extremely competent, and possessing a high ground of moral and virtue. The three edges of our endeavoured quality education are as follows: 1. Learning from school. 2. Learning from society. 3. Self-study. Our team of teachers, both local and expatriate, are highly qualified with Masters’ and Bachelors’ degrees in education, and possessing a prodigious practical teaching experience that enable them to provide top notch quality to our students. The school is equipped with the state of the art and modern teaching learning facilities, and each classroom is outfitted with LCD projectors and surround sound system.  The school also has an outstanding swimming pool, garden, workshop, and canteen that serves all daily meals, science lab, mini movie theatre, computer lab, huge library and First-Aid room.  Every classroom has at least two units of air-con that offer comfort and alleviate the teaching and learning environment in our state of the art school. We look forward to welcoming you to become a family member of our school. We wish you the best of luck with your endeavors, prosperity, success and good health. Yours faithfully, Mr. Khun Choeurn, Founder and School Director of EIS (Elegant International School)